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AKTSHUN is an offspring of the Mothership Connection, a sound that oozes out of the hidden basement of Studio 54, made for the roller skate rink of the "Main Jaune" in Paris. Mini tennis shorts, a tight tank top and pointy nipples, sexy hi-fiving butt cheeks, furious hairdos and heavily coloured eyelids hidden behind big sunglasses... It's the return of a frenetic Disco that gets down with Boogie Down Funk, a feverish Deep House caressing a wild P funk. It's the ambition of Marotti and Marrrtin, the duo behind this vast emergency plan to save the dancefloors, from Venice Beach to Shibuya. With this 4 tracks EP, the two friends will convince your grandparents to lock and pop, make your banker look like a drug dealer out of Miami Vice. Aktshun, duo comprised of Marotti (Dj, Deep House producer and owner of Meso records) and Marrrrtin (Dj, Hip Hop producer as well as Breakdance with the group Funky Bijou and manager of the Stereophonk label). The two friends are here reunited by their common love for House, Disco and Boogie Down Funk. This first vinyl contains 4 tracks which present a palette of influences, such as the track "Owned" with its jazzy sound presented by an acoustic bass line, B3 organ and the delicious flute of Antoine Laloux from The Selenites Band. On the second track, "Do the Jungle" we clearly feel the influence of Big Funk/P Funk with solid percussions, crazy synths and a nasty bassline... The B side "Somebody Say Yeah" brings us in a mix between Disco and Detroit House channelling the like of Moodyman or Wajeed... Finally, the smoothest track "U know (Baby)" features Rhodes chords, strings and a melodic bassline sending us straight back to New York House. Don't miss this one.

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