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SKU: MYS 012

It's a little unclear of the intentions behind London-based Japanese duo Afrobuddha's name, but on their first release they were certainly working in collaboration with African musicians. Afrobuddha's two previous 12"s came out in the first half of the last decade, and have since become highly sought after. Mysticisms now gathers the tracks together on this 12", leading in with 'Obame', which was originally recorded with the Kakatsitsi Drummers in Accra, Ghana. Both the original and the dub mix channel a powerful Afrobeat flavour, with the source material from the Ghanaian singers and players front and centre of the mix. 'Zone' takes things back into a more club-oriented sphere, with plenty of synth layers and some nimble hand drumming from Davide Salvietti, which of course comes to the fore on the purely percussive 'Drum Mix'.

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