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Mr. Raoul K - African Paradigm EP II

Mr. Raoul K - African Paradigm EP II

SKU: CPT5571

Manoo and Mr Raoul K head straight towards the dancefloor: gritty drums, driving synths. In a true wild pitch manner, they build a massive stack of sound and groove which gets knocked over into a nice break that gives plenty of room for Ahmed Sosso's vocals.

The second track, deceivingly named 'Slowmotion' is all about motion: Skippy beats never stop. They keep feet and heads moving. Sounds rising from far away move through the room and echo away (don't panic you'll get a little breather before the end)

On the flipside, Auztin Pauers & Ezrael transform 'O Mera Dil' into a lush yet groovy pieced for late night crowds. Laid back beats, Fender Rhodes-esque keyboard sounds, an organic feel and Lady Parul's vocals are put together so smoothly - like a comfy sweater that keeps you warm while you dance into the morning.

For the last track, Mr Raoul K's long time collaborator Kuniyuki presents his take on 'African Paradigm'. His mix takes his time to collect and incorporate inspiration from all six chapters of 'African Paradigm', using mesmerizing, airy strings to join all pieces. Kuniyuki transforms Mr Raoul K's journey through the history of Africa into a journey through a day. Starting sleepy in the morning, getting more and more busy throughout the day. Then getting some rest, take a nap and prepare to have some fun in the evening.

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