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Somi - African Lady: Special Soul Feast Mixes

Somi - African Lady: Special Soul Feast Mixes

SKU: SRM2677

Following the huge success of the Somi Afrikan Lady 12inch SRM 246 that was released way back in 2008. Since that time there’s been a huge demand for Sacred Rhythm to release the alternative mixes that Joaquin Joe Claussell and an exclusive few of his DJ Prominent DJ friends have been championing. Giving in to the pressure, we decided to press the unreleased mixes on 7” Vinyl.

The A Side features the same intensity that is similar to how it is on the previously 12Inch release, but with its own unique vibe. While the B side offers a completely different approach hence leaning more towards the side of, what Joaquin like to call,” a freaky dub exploration of rhythm and drums.” The 7” will be pressed on Special Colored Vinyl.
All in all, this is a dope seven inch of Afrocentric grooves and Dope musicianship that, no less than its predecessor, aims to continue rocking the dance floor.

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