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Adam Pits - International Wafter: The Remixes

Adam Pits - International Wafter: The Remixes


Adam Pits, what's not to love. It was a pretty easy decision for us to call the remixes in for a record that had everyone wafting. Firstly, for those of you that missed out last time around we figured it'd be a nice touch to have the original mix of "International Wafter" to kick us off. As they say, if it's nice - play it twice. Label mainstay and pal from across the pond, Ciel, takes the title track and entices us down the rabbit hole. Layering it up with an eery vocal and simply - we love it. Over on the flip Roza Terenzi turns in her signature hedonistic blend of future squelch and thumping 5am elbow burners. It'll get you going. Our lad, Seb Wildblood closes out proceedings with almost a prime era *cough* Innervisions *cough* peak time, low end, percussive blinder. It's really great. We will continue to waft, regardless of the weather.

  • Expected Release Date

    January 18, 2021

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