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Italian outstanding electronic music producer and analogue addicted Mayo Soulomon is back as ABYSSY with the second EP in a row for New Interplanetary Melodies. Mayo is a key artist of the label having ushered in the Phonographic Editions From Tomorrow's World with a striking dive into his Magnetic Archive of early 90's. He's now delivering a four-tracker expressing the expanded identity of ABYSSY, latest moniker that blends the previous experiences as producer with the entire world of his musical influences: from the Electrifying Mojo's proto-techno to the core of Detroit techno and Chicago house, from the minimalism of Philip Glass to the Berlin School sound of the 70's, embracing electro, the minimal wave's massive use of synthesizers, and the sci-fi lesson of Kraftwerk; all heated up by passing through the NY black territories of 70's and 80's drawing from funk, disco, boogie, seminal hip-hop and breaks. Across a stream of eclecticism and hybrid energies, ABYSSY brings a peculiar mixture of sound visions, in ferment towards new horizons and experimentation.  The record opens up with the poisonous title-track Two Scorpios, where sharp analogue leads lean on a relentless disco-funk groove, thrusting us out straight against the sweaty walls of the Chicago's Muzic Box. The airy and enchanting spirals of Solenoid create a detachment for a sonic trip through circling arpeggios and sparkles. On the flip side, we reconnect Abyssy to the Young Soulomon of early 90's by a warm and robotics "Dusty House". The mood turns definitely more freaky with Slomo Kid: sampling divertissement with a punkish flavour and emphatic rhythmics, it is the perfect tune to shake down the whole ball of wax.
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