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Abacus - Analogue Stories Vol 1

Abacus - Analogue Stories Vol 1

SKU: ReThink 004

Analogue Stories Vol 1  kicks off with“That Real Live” a spoken word riff from a classic New York film, depicting a tale of the Warriors street gang traversing the five boroughs in an effort to get home, sets the tone for this analogue excursion. Wrapped in “Abacus” synthetics and dub echo guitars. Warm, rich deepness for your solar plexus! “Ignition sequence starts…” Channeling “Sun Ra” Austin cooks up a hypnotic lo-end wiggler filled with arpeggios and synths, topped off with haunting melodies and rhythmic nuances. To quote “Sun Ra” ….Space is the place “ On the B Side “Blacktronica”… a homage to the Belleville 3, The Detroit second wave, Wally Badarou, Herbie Hancock, George Clinton and all the melanated electronic experimenters past and present. Abacus concocts some machine funk for your soul. Rounding out the Analogue Stories is “In4mation”, a play on word structure begging the question “Do we all get the same information?” With subtle grooves ,warm stabbing synths and a fluted rushes of melody , this one will make you say ummm....

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