Originally released on CD with what began as a story told by a foreigner of how the discovery of music while living in New York has provided her with a sense of purpose and freedom that was before then unknown to her; The composition featuring the very talented “Yumi Korusawa” on Japanese Koto, and tilted “It All Began in The East” - originally released as cosmic journey into the mind and soul; received the remix treatment by Joaquin Joe Claussell. The results are an up tempo afro jazz composition that aside from it resting on the support of afro percussive rhythms; musically speaking, the composition is elevated by a dope musical orchestration that is expected of Joe Claussell deliver. Also included on the 12” ep is another hot composition remixed by Joaquin’ Remix of the titled “A Dance for Gratitude.” A dope remix that resembles Joaquin’s Cult Classic afro jam “Je Ka Jo.” All in all, this is definitely a 12” EP that will be played for a very long time to come.

A JOURNEY TO NOI - IT ALL BEGAN IN THE EAST (Joaquin Joe Claussell Remixes)



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