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34TH FLOOR EXPERIENCE - Love Will Find A Way

34TH FLOOR EXPERIENCE - Love Will Find A Way


During last year's extended pandemic lockdown in Italy, Bari-based producers Rhythm of Paradise, Nico Lags and St David decided to join forces on a collaborative project for the very first time. The results can be heard on this rather good EP, which slickly combines elements of classic Italian deep house and soulful house in cheery, sun-kissed ways. In its original form, 'Love Will Find a Way' is a warming deep house number full of crunchy machine drums, positive-sounding chords, strong female vocals and fluid piano lines. St David provides the first remix, basing the action around spacey pads, sustained electric piano chords and a squelchy synth bassline, before Nico Lahs provides a more hypnotic, thickset take. Slick and soulful number 'I'm Not Dreamin' completes a rock-solid package.

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