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291outer space  - Escape From The Arkana Galaxy

291outer space - Escape From The Arkana Galaxy


291outer space is the new side project of the music collective 291out, born from the friendship between the leader and bass player Luca "Presence" Carini a.k.a. William Bones and the DJ / Producer Ivan Cibien a.k.a. Flyme. They have been working on some original studio material that is going to be released soon on New Interplanetary Melodies.
Escape From The Arkana Galaxy is a Quadrimensional Space Opera, etched on double vinyl, wrapped in an exclusive packaging, with illustrations from Simone "Mega" Antonucci - divided into 4 movements, or dimensions, with wonderful rich sounds and visually charged suggestions, it tells the story of the recovery mission from the orbiting NEW INTERPLANETARY MELODIES PHONOGRAPHIC EDITION FROM TOMORROW’S WORLD station Zeta-Luna, looking for the cargo ship 291out, run by the legendary Captain William Bones, helped by the Admiral Flyme , while they are lost in the mysterious Arkana Galaxy.
The recovery mission 291, led by Captain David Gardner and his partner, Dr. Shelly Blake, starts with The Arkana Galaxy, a real spacey propelling disco house number, taking us straight to the Orion belt and beyond, with its pummeling cosmic arpeggios, the Fender Rhodes brilliant harmonies and the super funk bassline.
Once we land on the biggest planet of the main system, our expedition can starts and The Arkana Galaxy (Beatless) is the perfect sonic scenario of this phase, in which our heroes are suspended in a limbo of contrasting feelings to what's in front of their eyes: an inhospitable place where strange creatures live.
WIth Escape From The Arkana Galaxy the disco rythm is back and the bassline evolves into a deep like a chasm riff, marking the unexpected end of the recovery mission 291.
The only two survivors, Captain David Gardner and Dr. Shelly Blake, in Cryogenesis, an 8 minutes long mystical ride, give us their desperate cry for help (narrated through the voice of Gianluca Morelli), with the hope that a new expedition might one day find them and rescue them from the eternal cryogenic sleep in which they fell safe.
We are only at the beginning of this intriguing interstellar saga, brought to life from the mothership New Interplanetary Melodies, through cosmic sounds and rythmical suggestions from far out worlds.
To the other dimension.

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