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got vinyl? Upcoming releases to watch for.

So now that you have subscribed to the Range Music NYC site, it's time to give you some great information that you will hopefully find useful.

Coming in October a new EP from Sofa Talk that I am sure will please the dance floor aficionados as well as the audio enthusiast. The EP is titled South Side and there are six tracks that are rhythmically and acoustically balanced. Live instrumentation and hard syncopation makes this a must have for any vinyl collection. My personal favorite here is "Play With Words".

October 2019 Release
Sofa Talk South Side EP

Staying in the same vein I also enjoyed the new Natural Lateral EP Cogito Ergo Jam.

Another six track release with that jazz infused dance feel you get from Azymuth or Roy Ayers. My pick being 46 To Foulden, bossa feel with great percussion and an organ playing over the top that generates energy. More chill tempo jazz influenced tracks round out this fantastic release.

October 2019 Release
Natural Lateral Cogito Ergo Jam EP

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